Running Tips by Dr Pallavi

My top 6 Tips for optimizing your running efficiency and preventing/ recovering from injuries especially in ages over 45. These are especially important if you're dealing with tight calves, Achilles tendon, hamstrings or stiff joints.

1. Do not do static stretches before the run. Cold muscles if stretched lead to more injuries in the form of pulls, strains, micro-tears, and build up of small scar tissue that leads to big problems later on. Dynamic stretches in the form of ankle rotations, knee rotations. walking lunges, knee highs, butt kicks are important.

2. Start with a walk and then move into a light jog with nice close steps building up a high cadence. Focus on mid to forefoot landing. Be careful not to land on your heels. Focus on correct form, lean a bit forward and slowly after a km or so of warm up, slowly increase your pace.

3. Stretch immediately after your run. Now is the time to really take your time and stretch and hold each position for a longer time with these long stretches. Rule of thumb, hold each pose or stretch for at least 1 minute and up to 2 minutes.

4. Hydrate well and stock up on Electrolytes and have a light protein snack while you stretch.

5 Do strength training: devote at least 2 or 3 days a week in between your run days. Divide into at least a lower body day and an upper body day. Leg day is very important. Tip for leg day. Start with body weight squats and do sets of 15-20 reps. Build it up to barbell squats, lunges, leg press and dead lifts. Focus on compound movements, start with small work outs and build up slowly over the course of weeks

6 Don't run too many days in a row. especially if recovering from an injury. Run for a day or two - then do an upper body day. Run for another day - then train legs followed by active recovery like a slow jog, stationary bike or swimming followed by stretching.