Fitness Expert Dr Pallavi | Nutritionist and Health Solution Provider

About Dr Pallavi Health is mandatory and has 2 pillars:
Food and Fitness. Calories in and out are not important.
It's the quality of the calories which is important.
If a Nutritionist tells you to eat less and eat often and exercise more: better to run away from such a wrong advice.
Have a look at some of the recovery food for fitness enthusiast: As runners and fitness enthusiasts we are prone to over training and that hampers our recovery. Rest and recovery is what makes our immunity better and muscles stronger.

Certain food items and supplements help in good recovery:

1. Whey protein helps in muscle repair and recovery.
2. Green vegetables.
3. Virgin coconut oil gives good quality fat.
4. Full eggs are rich in choline as well as protein.
5. Paneer/chicken/mutton or fish give us a grade quality protein and helps in the repair. Legumes and lentils can be used for vegetarians.
6. Nuts give us a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as micronutrients.
7. Few supplements are essential like Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vit B12 and Magnesium. Omega 3 and ALA supplements also help. 8. Citrulline Beta Alanine and Glutamine are few of the supplements which are being considered for endurance runners.