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About Dr Pallavi A low carb diet is very important for perimenopausal women and helps to keep weight and water retention in check. Protein and good fats like ghee and Virgin coconut oil are the key to prevent various health issues. Refined oils have to be avoided as they are very high in Omega 6 and lead to lifestyle and heart diseases. Intermittent fasting and the addition of supplements like Magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for health.

Few points are really important:
1. Avoid Refined seed oils
2. Avoid processed and packaged food
3. Avoid Refined flours and gluten
4. Avoid fruit juices

1. Saturated fat like ghee and virgin coconut oil
2. Protein should be at least (0.8 to 1 gm/Kg)
3. Use complex Carbohydrates
4. For vegetarians: add a good protein supplement which has a low carb content and no added sugar.
5. Add curcumin supplements if joint pains are there
6. Add Collagen peptide supplements if too much joint pain
7. Add Omega 3 fatty acids and Alpha Lipoic Acid as antioxidants.
8. Add Magnesium supplements
9. Strength training is a must