Review about our Low Carb Atta by Dr Pallavi | Nutritionist and Health Solution Provider

Review 1

About Dr Pallavi I'm an avid runner and started gyming a month back. I wanted to shift to a high protein diet and was looking to have an alternate to Regular roti. I shodted to Chilla for a while and some time use to have missi roti. Dr. Pallavi mentioned to me of this Keto Carb Atta and it immediately fit in the kind of alternate I was looking for but I was a bit sceptical on wether I would like it and wether I can have it everyday in all my meals. She suggested me to knead it in little ghee and warm water and I was pleasantly surprised that it tastes so good and the best part is I feel very light even after having 3 rotis while earlier i use not have more than 2 chillas/roti. Unlike a bajre/missi roti, it is very soft and tasty. I tried mixing ghiya/paneer in the atta and have that, which makes it even healthier and tastier. I would definitely be using it for a healthy and complete nutrition and recommend it to my near and dear ones.

Review 2

PA nutriflour, is non sticky, with high nutrition & excellent taste, specially with cow desi ghee c during summer and with ginger powder & ghee during winter. It is gluten free highly enriched with daily nutritional requirements of protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with its high nutritional ingredients like, flax seeds, chia seeds, Almonds, walnuts etc. I can recall a slogan from TV Ad as "No one can eat just one".
Namrata Gautam, Consultant: Food Therapy, Sujok Therapy & Music Therapy.
Drugless Healthcare Center, Sector -137, Noida.

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