Review about our Low Carb Atta by Dr Pallavi | Nutritionist and Health Solution Provider

Review 1

About Dr Pallavi I'm an avid runner and started gyming a month back. I wanted to shift to a high protein diet and was looking to have an alternate to Regular roti. I shodted to Chilla for a while and some time use to have missi roti. Dr. Pallavi mentioned to me of this Keto Carb Atta and it immediately fit in the kind of alternate I was looking for but I was a bit sceptical on wether I would like it and wether I can have it everyday in all my meals. She suggested me to knead it in little ghee and warm water and I was pleasantly surprised that it tastes so good and the best part is I feel very light even after having 3 rotis while earlier i use not have more than 2 chillas/roti. Unlike a bajre/missi roti, it is very soft and tasty. I tried mixing ghiya/paneer in the atta and have that, which makes it even healthier and tastier. I would definitely be using it for a healthy and complete nutrition and recommend it to my near and dear ones.

Review 2

PA nutriflour, is non sticky, with high nutrition & excellent taste, specially with cow desi ghee c during summer and with ginger powder & ghee during winter. It is gluten free highly enriched with daily nutritional requirements of protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with its high nutritional ingredients like, flax seeds, chia seeds, Almonds, walnuts etc. I can recall a slogan from TV Ad as "No one can eat just one".
Namrata Gautam, Consultant: Food Therapy, Sujok Therapy & Music Therapy.
Drugless Healthcare Center, Sector -137, Noida.

Review 3

I, Rachita, International Roller Skating Player, started following the diet schedule provided by Dr. PALLAVI AGA in early 2019. The Diet provided by her, not only helped me become leaner but it also increased my strength and energy levels required for long endurance training. As a result, in 57th National Roller Skating Championship held in Vizag,in December, 2019 has been commendable for me as I experienced a steady growth in my performance which I expect to increase in the coming years by seriously following her diet plans .
Thankyou so much Dr.Pallavi.

Review 4

My name is Ketan and I am a passionate runner and by virtue of my traveling job it was very difficult to keep my body weight under check and for an amateur athlete it is, even more, a challenge. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Pallavi, soon after I shared my challenge of keeping my body weight under check she readily helped by becoming my lifestyle coach. I can, without doubt, say that the process Dr. Pallavi follows is the best. She gives you a patient ear to your challenges and carves out individualized solutions which are much more genuine and effective. Dr. Pallavi has truly transformed the lifestyle, health, and fitness of hundreds of client. Thank You
My name is Ketan Bhateja and I work with Apollo Medskills as Regional Head and take care of Project Operations.
My profile requires me travel at least 15 days in a month.

Review 5

I started to work with Doctor Pallavi in Dec 2018 after seeing her awe inspiring Facebook posts on running and nutrition. There was an immediate strong connect and I diligently started on the food/nutrition and running plans. 3 months from then I can strongly say that she has helped transform my life and my body. My whole chemistry has changed. I have become much stronger, more toned, have lost so much flab from the middle , am able to run long runs without getting tired and without any pains whatsoever, Inflammation has dipped to an all-time low and there is much more mental clarity ! Feel so much healthier ! With her guidance I ran the pinkathon 10k run and finished so strong. Almost every other day now I hear someone tell me on how I’m inspiring them with my transformation and all that is thanks to Pallavi. Her plans are in line with all the latest research, She has always been extremely encouraging and helpful no matter how small or silly my questions ! She has helped my brother too and is presently working on my Dad. Within a week my Dad has experienced higher energy levels and is feeling better. She is now my new personal family doctor always in reach and always available ! So grateful for that ! Her intentions on creating a medicine free world is extremely noble and I wish her the best for the same ! I wish her all the success in the world ! Hope she touches millions of lives in the same way that she touched mine ! Love you Pallavi ! You are now on the list of people I thank God for everyday !

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