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Are you fighting health issues like diabetes, hypertension, depression, thyroid problems, stressing about weight gain or facing infertility and PCOD issues? Are you a cancer survivor and need to build up on nutritional status? Are you an elderly person with muscle aches, pains and fatigue? Are you having chronic fatigue syndrome? Is your child overweight or needs an athlete diet plan? Are you an athlete looking into sports nutrition!

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dr pallavi
Dr. Pallavi Aga nutritionist

Use food as fuel

Hippocrates who is the Father of Medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Our motto should always be to use food as fuel for our body. The phrase ‘I am on a diet’ should never be used, instead we should have the correct knowledge of nutrition because a healthy individual is the foundation for a healthy nation and the family. 

Use food as medicine

Food can act like a medicine in promoting good health and longevity. Research also shows that obesity has a strong inflammatory component, and inflammation is the root cause of all diseases. It also plays a role in balancing hormones as abnormal hormonal changes contribute to accelerated aging, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, depression, low mental capacity, reproductive problems and various autoimmune diseases.