‘I lost 15 kg’

Words are less to define Dr. Pallavi’s aura. She inspires, ignites will power and encourages every living soul who wants to live a healthy life.

I would like to share my journey towards health.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Pre-Diabetic condition and water retention. As a result I put on a lot of weight. My gynaecologist advised me to consult Dr. Pallavi at the earliest as she was worried about my future.

The best part is that Dr. Pallavi did not force me to change my lifestyle, unlike others. In fact she provided me a diet plan and motivated me to follow it. The day I started, my weight was 73 kg. Within four months I lost 15 kg, and now I am 58 kg.

  • Ankita Tiwari

‘My journey to good health’

I was 93 kg when I consulted Dr. Pallavi for weight loss. I was facing lot of health problems but under the watchful guidance of Dr. Pallavi I started losing weight.

Whenever I needed her she responded with care and attention. Now, I’m feeling young and happy; words are not enough to thank Dr. Pallavi.

  • Rachana Srivastava