Doctors also need to heal

Fitness and health are something doctors strive for. That’s true, but only when it comes to their patients. We find doctors who totally neglect their own health and also take loads of stress in their lives. I can say the same for others around them. They don’t care, actually.

The general non-medico population around the doctors take them for granted. If you don’t believe me, take a moment and think.

What do you do when a doctor is sick, hurt, stressed, depressed? Do you even bother to ask them how they are? Well, some may ask, but a majority do not! Why is that?

Let me tell you, that’s because you are a doctor. If you are sick, it is understood that, you can heal yourself! Isn’t that right?

The general opinion would be “Oh you are a doctor. You know what to do. Right?”

Being a doctor all my life, well almost, I have been through this, and have seen doctors around me face the same.

I think it’s time we changed this. Doctors need to look after themselves, bring a change in their lifestyle, exercise, eat well and take out time to relax and lead a normal life. Consult other doctors when needed be it any illness.


Being a doctor also means you are available 24×7 and many times patients do not respect this and forget etiquette and if you deny, you are a bad and rude doctor. Well, people also need to understand that a doctor also has a life and needs to rest to be fresh to look after the patients.

Respect is what is needed to borderline both the issues. I have taken steps towards this goal, I hope more of us will join hands and take the future in our own hands.

Heal yourself, mend your soul, be fit and healthy because ‘You Matter.’

2 thoughts on “Doctors also need to heal

  1. Like how mindful your article is🤗 you are doing an absolutely amazing work in health promotion and preventive health. Can’t be more grateful for doctors like you who are also great role models.

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