Dr. Pallavi says Low carb food items can be used during Navratri fasts.

Be healthy this Navratri

Navratri is a special festival in India and is a period of great spiritual growth. Navratri is a good time to detox and focus on a low carbohydrate lifestyle. I share some healthy options of food while you pray and stay fit at the same time.  

This will help in various lifestyle diseases especially diabetes and heart issues. One must continue on with routine long walks which will add to the fitness. Our wise gurus already knew what Nutrition is good for us and hence we were guided along the same path.

Low carb food items that can be used during Navratri fasts include:

Flours: Coconut flour, Almond flour, Flaxseed flour,  Kuttu (also called Buckwheat),  Amaranth and Quinoa.

Vegetables: mushroom, spinach  cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, egg plant.

Oils: Ghee, Cream, Cottage cheese and cheese. 

Nuts: Walnuts and almonds to be used as snacks. 

Dr. Pallavi Aga gives us a list of Low carb food items that can be used during Navratri fasts.
Paneer with Coconut and Almond Flour Roti

Three sample meal plans which is possible to be followed on Navratri:


Sample 1 
Chia seeds coconut milk kheer. Add some home made paneer to it. Also top it up with almonds. Add stevia as per taste.

Sample 2
Coconut flour and paneer chilla with coconut and hung curd dip. 

Sample 3 
Smoothie made of home made paneer, grated coconut, coconut milk/almond milk and chia seeds. Add Stevia. You can also add unsweetened cocoa powder to it. 

Dr.Pallavi shares easy recipes for Navrtatri like Cauliflower Hummus.
Delicious Cauliflower Hummus


Sample 1 

Homemade paneer stir fry in ghee with toasted sesame seeds.
Hung curd or coconut milk curd.
Salad with a little couscous seeds or quinoa. 

Sample 2 
Cauliflower hummus with paneer and vegetable cutlets. Add almond flour and flax seed powder to the cutlets. Add some grated cheese.
Hung curd with pink salt and beetroot salad with olive oil. 

Sample 3 
Mushroom and cauliflower stir fry with sesame seeds and paneer
Hung curd, curry leaves, mint and tomato dip.

Sauteed cabbage  beetroot and hung curd dip, paneer, mixed roti made of kuttu, almond, coconut flour, psyllium husk and salad
Sauteed cabbage, beetroot and hung curd dip, paneer, mixed roti made of kuttu, almond, coconut flour, psyllium husk and salad


Sample 1 

Broccoli, spinach and mushroom soup.
Add grated cheese, paneer and flax seed powder to it. 
Spicy okra cooked in ghee. 

Sample 2 

Paneer cooked in spinach with sesame seeds.
Coconut dip with added walnuts and almonds.

Sample 3 

Babaganoush or roasted baigan bharta. 
Idli or Utthapam made of coconut and almond flour with psyllium husk and paneer.

Dr Pallavi Aga shares healthy food recipes on Navratri.
Almond Milk Curd


Chia seeds coconut milk pudding with stevia.
Almond milk curd.
Unsweetened cocoa powder smoothie with cream and stevia.

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